Utilizing Microsoft 365 Apps in the Modern Workplace

In our experience a lot of companies are not fully utilizing their Microsoft 365 subscriptions. 

With the nature of work changing with remote work and/or hybrid work environments employees are now expected to be able to work securely from the location of choice on any device including their own or work issued, with new tools to enhance their productivity, organization and connectivity with others in the workplace. 

With all this change, many Ottawa organizations are not evolving their use of Microsoft products, which have adapted to meet the needs of the scattered workplace, and utilizing everything at their disposal. 

Microsoft 365 Business Premium Subscription

One of the most popular subscriptions we see with Ottawa organizations is the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription which comes with a number of apps and services including: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, Outlook, Exchange, One Drive, SharePoint and more. 

These newer tools like Microsoft Teams, One Drive and SharePoint offer a wide range of benefits for the modern collaboration needed at most businesses, yet many employees still struggle to get the most out of them. Especially with older generations they are stuck with older habits and don’t fully understand or utilize the newer features that improve productivity and cybersecurity. 

Some of the poor habits that are hard to break for many employees are: 

  • Saving Word, Powerpoint, Excel files on desktops instead of saving to the cloud resulting in poor version control and editing
  • Sending files using attachments through their Outlook exposing security risks
  • Emailing large files to folks outside the organization without using security measures instead of shareable links

Instead by training your employees to use the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription they can update their processes and utilize SharePoint and OneDrive to provide secure storage and real-time collaboration. 

Utilizing SharePoint, OneDrive & Microsoft Teams for Remote, Hybrid & Modern Workplace Collaboration

Collaboration has been a buzzword for years, however the average employee is collaborating with more individuals and teams within their organization as well as extrenally who might be working in different time zones or on different schedules.

Security is at the forefront of digital collaboration

Creating a secure foundation and environment for digital collaboration is of the utmost importance. By utlizing cloud hosted OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams it means data is easy to access both internally and externally, and protected by the top security measures.

Using OneDrive to host your files

OneDrive is essentially a private document storage for users to save and manage their own files. Similar to your “Documents” folder on your computer however it is cloud based, more secure and can be accessed anytime, anywhere with any device. It has the capability to easily move or copy files to SharePoint or even sync files to your computer if needed.

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Using SharePoint to Store and Share Files

Storing and sharing company files in the cloud using SharePoint makes them easily accessible for viewing or editing by internal or external stakeholders. With the availability to set access permissions you can decide what users have what functionality to the files. The major difference between SharePoint and OneDrive is that SharePoint is used as more of a centralized storage bank for shared files and collaboration, where OneDrive is meant for personal storage.

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Microsoft Teams for Teamwork and Collaboration

Microsoft Teams is the communication tool to collaborate with the modern workforce and includes video meetings and conferencing, chat and access to all of your files. By integrating with Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, SharePoint and more all of the tools, information and files are available on-demand. With the ability to safely archive data in the cloud, conversations, notes, meetings and files can be accessed and shared through Teams.

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A Common Misconception for Microsoft 365 Backups

One common misconception is that Microsoft 365 automatically backs ups up all data. While Microsoft does have some built-in backup and recovery options, such as retention policies, they are limited in scope and may not fully protect all data in the event of a data loss or outage.

Another misconception is that third-party backup solutions are unnecessary for Microsoft 365. However, third-party backup solutions can provide additional layers of protection and customisation options to ensure important data is fully backed up and easily recoverable in case of a cyber attack or other disaster.

It is important to carefully consider backup options for Microsoft 365 to ensure the best protection of your organizations data.

Want Microsoft 365 IT Support? 

As a designated Microsoft Solutions Partner – Modern Work we have broad capabilities to help companies boost their productivity and make the shift to hybrid work by using Microsoft 365. Get in touch with us today.

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