Test your vulnerabilities.

Only half of Canadian organisations have mandatory cybersecurity awareness training for every employee, according to a recent report by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA).

And that means that 50 per cent are vulnerable to employees unwittingly clicking on phishing emails that lead to ransomware attacks.

“Educating employees about how to detect cybercriminal behaviour is just the first of many actions we can take to protect our clients and their data,” says John Robinson, Intega IT’s CEO and President.

For example, cybercriminals depend on social engineering to fool receivers into clicking on links in masked emails. They count on people’s trust in known entities and that they won’t look too closely at the sender’s actual email address or pick up on subtle logo changes or spelling errors.

Along with educational videos designed to outline cybercrime tactics and inform employees about how to detect fake emails, Intega IT offers clients their very own internal phishing campaign to see who is – and isn’t – paying attention to emails. Once the campaign is over, Intega IT sends a report card rating employee on attendance and awareness.

Learn more about cybercrime and security from Intega IT at info@intega.ca.

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