SaaS, the not-so-new frontier

Intega IT SaaS

As with most things in business, there are ebbs and flows. Sometimes, there are trends to centralizing and bringing resources in-house, other times, there are great internal purges and an uptick in outsourcing.

The same is true of IT support, especially when a CIO needs to reduce costs. A decade ago, it was straightforward: RPFs went out, a vendor was selected from anywhere there was an IT hub like California, India and the work began.

These days, outsourcing is risky. It is complicated not just by regulatory oversight, but the layers of external services organizations now use. The more third, fourth and fifth party providers are involved, the greater the operational and transactional risks. There are other issues, too. Information confidentiality can be an issue, as can disruption in business continuity.

None of those issues are a risk when you work with Intega IT. We’re locally owned, with our team located right here in Ottawa. Equally importantly, we have relationships with all of our clients that are built on trust, shared goals and the certain knowledge that when you need us, we will be there.

Choosing local goes beyond supporting a local business and keeping jobs in Ottawa. Choosing local means having a local resource that has your back, populated by people who you know by name.

That’s why we are ‘Trusted Support. IT Smart.’

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